The First forty eight:

A postpartum and Newborn care class

The first 48 hours after delivery entails a huge transition emotionally, physically, and socially. In addition, there are all the anxieties of trying to take care of a new little human.

We will be answering the questions:

"What is my body doing?"

"What is safe sleep?"

"What does feeding look and feel like?" and more.

The classes are two hours long with a break in the middle. The first half covers the postpartum journey and the second half covers newborn care.

Everyone will receive:

  • Step-by-step instructions on swaddling and baby wearing

  • A "Building Your Nursery" Check List

  • A guide to postpartum and baby care

  • A guide to perineum care

  • A packing list for the hospital/birth center

  • A copy of The First 48 PowerPoint for you to refer to

In person classes are at East Dallas Birth and Wellness with 12 spots, 6 couples, $30 per couple

Classes are also available online via Zoom with 6 spots, 3 couples, $30 per couple.