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Jennifer H.

I asked Maggie to encapsulate my placenta but due to an infection, doctors recommended against this. Maggie was great about the change in direction and I'm thrilled with how the prints and cord turned out - they're a wonderful keepsake for my daughter! Thanks, Maggie!

Kirsten R.

Maggie was a fantastic Doula. She was a wealth of information and was incredibly supportive and tireless during labor and delivery. She is really easy to be around and communicate with. She was a great coach on what to expect and teaching my husband how to be the best birth companion. She is super reliable, always available to answer questions, and went above and beyond. She is a master of hypnobirthing and is a great motivator. We highly recommend her, especially for any first time parents.

Bridget N.

We hired Maggie to assist with our daughter’s birth and would highly recommend her. Not only was she professional and very knowledgeable but she far exceeded our expectations on having a doula! I honestly would not have made it through the unmedicated portion of labor if not for her assistance and coaching - she helped my husband boost his confidence too as she showed him different ways he could help me as well. My midwife was so impressed with her dedication and positive attitude through a complicated labor that she is recommending her to all of her clients as well. You can’t go wrong with hiring Maggie.

Golbahar D.

Maggie has been very professional and helpful on all areas postpartum. Her deleivery of the placenta capsules was timely and with a lot of information. I am so glad I got the capsules. They are so healing for my body and aiding me to refiner quickly! I also really have benefited from the belly binding. I recommend Maggie. She is very good at what she does.

Sara C.

Maggie was our night nurse/newborn care specialist from June - August 2019, provides placenta encapsulation, and also provided newborn care services in September - October 2019. I knew of Maggie and her abilities from her presence in our Hypnobirthing class before my son was born. So it was no problem handing my 7 day old firstborn to her our first night with a night nurse. She is the baby/postpartum expert-whisperer-specialist-advisor! Being first time parents, Maggie was our baby consultant for everything: bottle feeding, sleeping routine, diaper care, postpartum care, pumping, and more. She is not only knowledgeable, but a happy and positive person to be around. My son had a big smile on his face every time she came to work. She is excellent in all services she provides. Can’t recommend her for you and your little one(s) enough!

Natalia U.

Maggie was a blessing for me and for my family being there as our doula! Not only was she our doula but she became a friend. This was my first pregnancy and my experience with a water birth at a center and then having to get transfer to a hospital Maggie was there with me through it all! For my future pregnancies if she is available I would love to have Maggie again with us. Thank you Maggie for everything!

Sarah D.

Maggie is an incredible doula who loves this work and every client she serves. She has a beautiful and gentle spirit that spreads love and light wherever she goes. I have been honored to work with Maggie in the past when we have been able to serve birth clients together as well as calling her to backup for my own clients. Choosing a doula to back you up is no easy task as you want to be sure that your clients will get the best care possible. I am confident that my clients will be well served if ever I have to call on Maggie to care for them. Now that I am in midwifery school and moving on from doula work I am excited to have Maggie serve my clients in the future. She will surely be one of my most recommended doulas and I am excited to continue to work with her!

Brianna M.

Maggie was so very informative and responded to my questions with no problem. My capsules helped me tremendously after postpartum! They helped with energy and my mood. I can compare because with my first child I suffered with depression. I wish I knew about this service then!
She also reached out to me to see how I was doing, feeling, and if I needed anything every few days. It really meant a lot.
My placenta print came out so beautiful too. I requested black ink and she made it work!
Thank you for your amazing service Maggie!

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